Sınıflama Eser Adı Yazar Adı
HV 9776.7/N39 Nazım Hikmet’in açlık grevi  
TS 178/.B54 The rational factory : Architecture, technology, and work in America’s age of mass production Biggs, Lindy
HN 690.5 .Z9/P88 The voice of the people : Public opinion in Pakistan 2007-2009  
BR 535/.H47 Southern cross : The beginnings of the Bible Belt Heyrman, Christine Leigh
BX 106.2/.B44 Introduction to Eastern Christian spirituality : The Syriac tradition Beggiani, Seely J.
KKX 3012/.O93 Nükleer güç santrallarının kurulmasına ilişkin hukuki esaslar Özdemir, H. Eyüp
HQ 801/.B8735 Aşk paradoksu Bruckner, Pascal
DA 690 .M97/G68 The history of Myddle Gough, Richard
JS 1238.3/.F56 Experts and politicians : Reform challenges to machine politics in New York, Cleveland, and Chicago Finegold, Kenneth
E 185.615/.G62 The color of politics : Race and the mainsprings of American politics Goldfield, Michael
PL 875.5 .U34/H9313 The hundred-yen singer Suenaga, Naomi
PL 855 .I6747/K6513 The budding tree : Six stories of love in Edo Kitahara, Aiko
PT 6510/.C55 Afrikaans literature : Recollection, redefinition, restitution : Papers held at the 7th Conference on South African Literature at the Protestant Academy, Bad Boll  
HN 400 .R3/O74 The Origins of Anglo-American radicalism  
BF 311/.S653 Cognitive psychology Solso, Robert L.
HG 4028 .V3/S85 Equity valuation, risk, and investment : A practitioner’s roadmap Stimes, Peter C.
BF 311/.B446 Cognition Benjafield, John G.
DG 577/.H8 The United States and Italy Hughes, H. Stuart
BL 1600/.R513 Religions of the ancient Near East Ringgren, Helmer
BR 301/.C45 Christianity and revolution : Radical Christian testimonies, 1520-1650  
JC 481/.O88 Fascism O’Sullivan, Noel
DS 109.86 .S24/A3 When Allah reigns supreme Schalit, Susi
D 802 .L5/D313 Forest brothers : The account of an anti-Soviet Lithuanian freedom fighter, 1944-1948 Luksa, Juozas
QC 989 .A1/F34 The Little Ice Age : How climate made history, 1300-1850 Fagan, Brian M.
RA 564.7/.S73 The Legacy of longevity : Health and health care in later life  
E 184 .A1/H37 In the shadow of race : Jews, Latinos, and immigrant politics in the United States Hattam, Victoria Charlotte
PN 4888 .O85/M33 30 : The collapse of the great American newspaper Madigan, Charles M.
DS 135 .P6/D63 Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland : A portrait based on Jewish community records, 1944-1947 Dobroszycki, Lucjan
E 839.5/.W535 The age of Reagan : A history, 1974-2008 Wilentz, Sean
DS 3 .A2/A82 A history of Indian Buddhism : From Śākyamuni to early Mahāyāna Hirakawa, Akira
  Ilelü’l-hadis Ebü Muhammed Abdurrahman İbnü’l-İmam el-Huccet Ebü Hatim Muhammed bin İdris bin el-Munzur er-Razi
BR 162.2/.W27 The Frankish Church Wallace-Hadrill, J. M.
HT 145 .E75/C57 Cities after the fall of communism : Reshaping cultural landscapes and European identity  
JC 328.7/.S67 State collapse and reconstruction in the periphery : Political economy, ethnicity and development in Yugoslavia, Serbia and Kosovo Sörensen, Jens Stilhoff
PS 3622 .A58595/R47 Restitution Vance, Lee
JZ 5665/.E43 The age of deception : Nuclear diplomacy in treacherous times El Baradei, Mohamed
DK 254 .T6/S427 Trotsky : A biography Service, Robert
GE 180/.F33 Faces of environmental racism : Confronting issues of global justice  
HM 24/.S55 Sociological methodology : 1976  
  Ilelü’l-hadis Ebü Muhammed Abdurrahman İbnü’l-İmam el-Huccet Ebü Hatim Muhammed bin İdris bin el-Munzur er-Razi
  Ilelü’l-hadis Ebü Muhammed Abdurrahman İbnü’l-İmam el-Huccet Ebü Hatim Muhammed bin İdris bin el-Munzur er-Razi
  Kıymetü’z-zemene ınde’l-ulema’ Abdülfettah Ebu Gudde
Z 683.2 .U6/S655 Cost control for nonprofits in crisis Smith, G. Stevenson
Z 678.88/.G75 A strong future for public library use and employment Griffiths, José-Marie
  el-Mucez fi usuli’l-fıkh me’a mu’cem usuli’l-fıkh Muhammed Ubeydullah el-Es’adi
BF  319/.R327  Behavior and learning Rachlin, Howard
JF 1525 .L4/B39 Governing by committee : Collegial leadership in advanced societies Baylis, Thomas A.
  Mefhumü tekafü’i’l-füras beyne’l-İslam ve’n-nüzumi’l-vaz’ıyye Rıza Mutavi’ Ali Yusuf
DK 266/.H58 The first socialist society : A history of the Soviet Union from within Hosking, Geoffrey A.
E 169.12/.H369 No caption needed : Iconic photographs, public culture, and liberal democracy Hariman, Robert
QB 45/.K84 In quest of the universe Kuhn, Karl F.
KF 889/.B87 Business law : Text and cases : Legal, ethical, global, and e-commerce environments  
DS 54 .A3/W56 Window on Cyprus  
  Ta’likatü’l-kari ala sülasiyyati’l-Buhari Ali bin Sultan Muhammed el-Kari
BF 121/.S554 Psychology : Science & understanding Smith, Barry D.
HF 1411/.M88 Beyond the welfare state : Economic planning and its international implications Myrdal, Gunnar
JN 96 .A58/N35 Skeletons in the closet : Transitional justice in post-Communist Europe Nalepa, Monika
HG 5430.7 .A3/E88 Foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe : Multinationals in transition Estrin, Saul
HM 206/.D48 Guns, germs, and steel : The fates of human societies Diamond, Jared M.
QC 981.8 .G56/B44 Global warming Benarde, Melvin A.
DS 135 .R7/S584 Purifying the nation : Population exchange and ethnic cleansing in Nazi-allied Romania Solonari, Vladimir
BM 674.643/.G83 The scholar’s Haggadah : Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Oriental versions  
JV 2511/.B67 The Dutch seaborne empire, 1600-1800 Boxer, C. R.
F 1410/.P3 The Spanish seaborne empire Parry, J. H.
PL 830 .W33/J5913 School of freedom Shishi, Bunroku
DB 2191 .M38/T155 T.G. Masaryk (1850-1937) : Thinker and politician  
  Sıletü’l-erham ve’lahkami’l-hassati biha fi’l-fıkhi’l-İslami Muhammed Mahmud Ahmed 
R 857 .M3/B579 Biomedical materials--drug delivery, implants, and tissue engineering : Symposium held November 30-December 1, 1998, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  
BM 561/.R58 Essential Judaism : A complete guide to beliefs, customs, and rituals Robinson, George
QC 995/.F55 The weather revolution : Innovations and imminent breakthroughs in accurate forecasting Fishman, Jack
DS 557 .A6/F53 Fire in the lake : The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam FitzGerald, Frances
BL 722/.R4 Past and present : The continuity of classical myths Reinhold, Meyer
JC 481/.G692 Interpretations of fascism Gregor, A. James
D 741/.T34 The origins of the Second World War Taylor, A. J. P.
HX 39.5/.T8 The Marxian revolutionary idea Tucker, Robert C.
BL 41/.V713 The study of religion : A historical approach Vries, Jan de
E 183.8 .J3/K12 Japan-American diplomatic relations in the Meiji-Taisho era Kamikawa, Hikomatsu
TR 850/.C37 Professional cameraman’s handbook Carlson, Verne
HQ 1610.5/.F33 Contemporary women’s movements in Hungary : Globalization, democracy, and gender equality Fabian, Katalin
PN 5407 .O24/G36 A public betrayed : An inside look at Japanese media atrocities and their warnings to the West Gamble, Adam
BM 535/.G7 The church and the Jews in the XIIIth century Grayzel, Solomon
PQ 146/.L66 Writer and public in France : From the Middle Ages to the present day Lough, John
DT 515.844/.B36 Teacher, don’t teach me nonsense Bamigbetan, Kehinde
DA 245/.K55 Kings and nobles in the later Middle Ages : A tribute to Charles Ross  
HM 836/.A67 The honor code : How moral revolutions happen Appiah, Anthony
QB 36 .G36/N4413 Jewish thought and the scientific revolution of the sixteenth century : David Gans (1541-1613) and his times Neher, Andrei
  et-Tevsik  ve ahkamuhu fi’l-fıkhi’l-İslami Sa’d Süleyman el-Hamidi
D 13/.C585 Not by fact alone : Essays on the writing and reading of history Clive, John Leonard
PT 2653 .U7/Z9 Hermynia Zur Mühlen : The guises of socialist fiction Wallace, Ailsa
KKX 810/.Y39 Borçlar hukuku dersleri : Özel hükümler Yavuz, Cevdet
DG 552/.M25 Italy and its monarchy Mack Smith, Denis
D 726.5/.R48 The civic foundations of fascism in Europe : Italy, Spain, and Romania, 1870-1945 Riley, Dylan J.
D 16.14/.H46 Oral historiography Henige, David P.
HX 39.5/.W484 Karl Marx : A life Wheen, Francis
PL 862 .S77/H4713 Hell Tsutsui, Yasutaka
DK 265/.D34  Dear comrades : Menshevik reports on the Bolshevik revolution and the civil war  
PQ 7389 .N65/Z48 Fragmentos de interior : Lino Novas Calvo : Su voz entre otras voces Novas Calvo, Lino
  Mecmu’atü’l-fetava’ş-şer’ıyye es-sadira an kıta’ı’l-ifta’ ve’l-buhusi’ş-şer’ıyye : el-Mukaddimat/el-Aka’id/el-İbadat/el-Mu’amelat  
BT 26/.M37 Reformation thought : An introduction McGrath, Alister E.
PR 9205.6/.P64 Poetas del Caribe ingles : Antologia = Caribbean poets writing in English : An anthology  
E 744/.H486 The spiritual-industrial complex : America’s religious battle against communism in the early Cold War Herzog, Jonathan P.
PQ 7081/.A425 De Guancane a Macondo : Estudios de literatura hispanoamericana Adorno, Rolena
HC 427.92/.C467218 Chinese industrial firms under reform  
LB 3051/.L44 The big test : The secret history of the American meritocracy Lemann, Nicholas
D 2009/.V33 Europe undivided : Democracy, leverage, and integration after communism Vachudová, Milada Anna
PS 3569 .T889/Z46 Reading my father : A memoir Styron, Alexandra
KF 6289/.R534 RIA’s complete analysis of the emergency economic stabilization, energy, extenders and AMT relief acts of 2008 : With code and ERISA sections as amended and committee reports  
DK 267/.H22 Stalin’s police : Public order and mass repression in the USSR, 1926-1941 Hagenloh, Paul
BX 1378.6/.R68 Ratzinger’s faith : The theology of Pope Benedict XVI Rowland, Tracey
D 1051/.B57 Europe since the seventies Black, Jeremy
DA 578/.B38 Political violence & public order : A study of British fascism Benewick, Robert
BF 441/.W347 Everything is obvious : Once you know the answer Watts, Duncan J.
HD 8072/.M73 The fall of the house of labor : The workplace, the state, and American labor activism, 1865-1925 Montgomery, David
DK 508.7/.H68313 History of Ukraine-Rus’ Hrushevsky, Mykhailo
  Mecmu’atü’l-fetava’ş-şer’ıyye es-sadira an kıta’ı’l-ifta’ ve’l-buhusi’ş-şer’ıyye : el-Ahvalü’ş-Şahsiyye/el-Cinayat ve’l-Hududi’l-Hazar ve’l-İbaha/es-Siyaseti’ş-Şer’iyye/et-Tıb  
BF 455/.C268 Psychology of language Carroll, David W.
PR 871/.S86 The Longman companion to Victorian fiction Sutherland, John
DR 64.2 .M8/N48 The Orient within : Muslim minorities and the negotiation of nationhood in modern Bulgaria Neuburger, Mary
HD 8386/.M4 A life apart : The English working class 1890-1914 Meacham, Standish
BM 685/.G49 The Sabbath in the classical Kabbalah Ginsburg, Elliot Kiba
DR 605 .G85/B39 Kayseri'den Çankaya köşküne Abdullah Gül Bayhan, Fatih
DS 485 .N7/E44 The Frontier 1839-1947 : The story of the North-W