Interlibrary Loans
This is the reciprocal usage of Library material in accordance with the cooperation agreements between university libraries.
For members of İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi;
Providing the members of İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi with the information sources which are not avaliable at the İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Libraries by borrowing them or receiving copies of them from other libraries and information centers within and outside of the country.
General Rules:
1. The following can benefit from interlibrary loans:
    a) Faculty members,
    b) Administrative personnel,
    c) Graduate students.
2. Patrons benefiting from this service cannot make demands for other patrons.
3. Patrons can check the availability of the items they need by searching the library catalogue and electronic publication databases at
4. Patrons can request items which are not available at the İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi libraries by filling out the forms on the Library website These forms are arranged according to publication types.  
Total Number of Interlibrary Loans
Photocopy Requests (per month)
Faculty members
Administrative Personnel
Graduate students
5. For requests to be fulfilled in a correct and timely fashion, please fill out the forms correctly and fully and do not use abbreviations. Insufficient and wrong information on the requested item will cause delays and errors in the loan process. Errors resulting from insufficient and wrong information (book, article name, author, issue, year etc.) are under the responsibility of the patron requesting the item. For periodicals the ISSN number and for books the ISBN number are helpful.
6. Incomplete forms are not processed and the patron is notified by e-mail.
7. Notifications are sent to the e-mail addresses of the patrons.
8. For requested items, the rules and conditions for borrowing are those of the library providing the loan. In case of delay, loss or damage to the items, the rules of the library from which the item has been borrowed are applied. The patron is required to obey these rules.
9. The patron requesting an item is considered to have accepted to use the item in accordance with copyright regulations and to return the item before the due date.
10. Patrons with overdue items or overdue fees above the limit are required to pay these fees to benefit from this service.
11. Patrons who do not pick up items requested through interlibrary loan or pay the fees within 1 month cannot make another request and cannot borrow materials. 
12. Of the expenses resulting from interlibrary loan requests, the Library pays an amount equal to the yearly Quota established by the University and the remainder is collected from the patron. For the academic year of 2010-2011 the quota is 200 TL.
B. For other University Libraries;

 1. Interlibrary loans are restricted to university libraries.

2. The authorized personnel of the university libraries wishing to use this service for the first time must complete the membership form and inform the İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Library on their authorized librarians related to the issue; see: Form 4.  
2. The authorized personnel of university libraries wishing to benefit from this service can notify us of their requests through the Interlibrary Cooperation Follow-up System (KİTS).
3. Libraries can also make demands through personnel authorized for this service.
4. The patrons of other libraries can benefit from this service through their libraries. Personal applications are not accepted. 
5. Libraries making requests can notify us of their requests including full bibliographical information through:
    Fax (216 474 53 53)
    Mail: İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi
              Kütüphaneler Arası Ödünç Yayın/Belge Sağlama Birimi
              Kuşbakışı Cad. No: 27 Altunizade Üsküdar İstanbul
5. The library making the request can submit the full bibliographical information on the publication through the Interlibrary Cooperation Follow-up System (KİTS).
6. Publication requests can be made through:
a) The Interlibrary Loan Request Form,  
b) The form of the automation system used by the library,
c) The library’s own form.
6. The İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Library accepts interlibrary loan procedures through the Interlibrary Cooperation Follow-up System (KİTS).
7. Requests are sent to the Library by shipment. All costs (such as photocopy and shipment costs) are paid by the library making the request.
8. To the library making the request, at one time,
    a) a maximum of 10 publications are loaned for 30 days (including shipment),
    b) a maximum of 10 photocopy requests are sent.
9. There are no renewals or reservations.
10. In case of loss or damage to the publication (including loss or damage during shipment), the library making the request and its authorized personnel are responsible. 
11. Items in the reference, reserve and audio-visual sections, periodicals, theses, standards, rare books, archive copies and items which have been chosen as unfit for loans by the Library Administration are not loaned.
12. If the item is lost, not returned or overdue, the borrowing rules of İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi apply.
13. Libraries making loan requests are considered to have accepted to use the items in accordance with copyright rules and return them when they are due.
14. The Library has the right to recall items before the due date when necessary.
15. Libraries making photocopy requests must deposit their photocopy payments to the bank account of the Photocopy operator and e-mail the receipt to or fax it to 216 474 53 53.
16. Libraries can deposit collective sums to be used for future requests. Requests will be charged to the accounts of the libraries and they will be notified of the amount remaining together with their requests.
17. The photocopy prices are determined every year by the University.
18. Copying is done in accordance with copyrights. It is not possible to photocopy more than one book chapter or 10% of a book and one article from a journal issue.
Interlibrary Loan Section
Address: İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi
Kuşbakışı Cad. No. 27 Üsküdar/ İSTANBUL
Phone: 216 559 90 90
Fax: 216 474 53 53