Rules of Access to the Reserve Collections
The reserve services at the İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Library aim to provide students with the printed sources suggested by faculty members and their electronic copies through the online catalogue, in accordance with copyright regulations and with special rules and conditions. 
A. At the E-Reserve Section, without violation of Copyrights;
1. Book chapters,
2. An article from a journal issue,
3. Course summaries, notes, exams, presentations and similar documents prepared by faculty members,
4. Pictures, maps, graphics, tables etc.
5. For the availability of other sources at the e-reserve collections, copyright permission must be received. 
Due to copyright regulations, it is required to provide full bibliographical records of copies transferred to the electronic platform. At the end of every academic semester, these materials are removed from the e-reserve service.
6. Access to the sources on the e-reserve collections is limited to the members of İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi.
B. The Reserve Collections include;
Printed and electronic publications suggested by faculty members and under the possession of the Library,
Course notes,
Private collections of faculty members,
Problem solving books,
Test books,
Book sections,
Student works (with the permission of the student and the approval of the faculty member),
Audio-visual materials helpful to the course.
Course reserves can be searched under the names of the faculty member and the course through the catalogue at
C.Putting items on reserve at the Reserve Collections
For Faculty Members;
1. Faculty members must inform the Loan Section together with the “Course Reserve Request Form” (see: Form 5) two weeks before the beginning of the semester for sources available at the Library collections and two months before the beginning of the semester for the sources which are not available.
2. For primary textbooks to be put on the Reserve collections, the “Course Reserve Request Form” must be approved by the department chair.
3. The number of copies for the primary textbooks to be put on reserve is determined by the Library with the suggestion of the faculty member, according to the type of course, number of students and proportion of use.
4. Faculty members may put their personal sources on reserve for the access of students. These sources are returned to faculty members at the end of the semester. The Library is not responsible for the damage and loss of personal copies.
5. E- Reserve: The E-Reserve consists of electronic copies of materials suggested by faculty members which are put on the electronic platform in accordance with copyright regulations.  Access to the sources in this section is limited to the members of İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi. The electronic copies are removed at the end of the semester. 
For one course;
(1) A maximum of 1 primary course reserve,
(2) A maximum of 15 secondary course reserves.
D. Rules and Conditions of Borrowing at the Reserve Collections:
1. The items at the reserve collection are loaned for two hours, one night or one day.
2. Faculty members can borrow course materials for their own courses for one semester.
3. Items which are borrowed for the night must be returned at the opening of the Library.
4. Course notes and private copies are not loaned for the night.
5. There are no extensions on course reserves.
6. The Library may make adjustments on the borrowing period depending on the item’s frequency of use.
7. Course reserve items which are not returned on time are processed with the hourly overdue fee. The overdue fee is 50 cents per hour.  
8. Students who fail to return course reserve items on time for three times lose access to course reserves for 1 semester.
Reserve Collections
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