Ayhan Kaygusuz / Library Director 

ŞEHİR aims to have the biggest university library in Turkey in the medium-term. In this library which contains written, printed and electronic resources, students will be able to access an extensive amount of literature on their academic, educational or research areas. The library will have collections from several languages and alphabets other than Turkish and English, with the languages of the region having priority. In addition, all publications requested by patrons will be obtained by the library through purchase, donation or exchange.

The library will not only support academic and scientific works but also be at the center of social life at ŞEHİR with its social and cultural activities. Among the daily activities of the library are movie and signature days, exhibitions, discussions and meetings. The ŞEHİR library, as an integral part of academic studies at ŞEHİR, aims to closely follow the innovations in librarianship and information technologies and provide the patrons with these innovations as soon as possible.

However, in today’s World each institution and organization must continually revise their objectives and keep up with the needs of its clients and the requirements of our century. Otherwise, it is not possible for them to function, in order words to survive. Research libraries at developed communities added above-mentioned services into their routines. While gradually developing their routines, they also have an active role in two subjects. Firstly, they provide all patrons, from undergraduate students to senior researchers, with “information literacy” programs; thus they try to use library resources in the most efficient way possible. Secondly, Libraries now deal with Research Data Management and work more closely with researchers; meet their requests and needs as soon as possible and have an active role in collection, classification, protection and reuse of research data.
As ŞEHİR Library, we develop our routines on the one hand and follow the World and try to practice these developments in our Library on the other hand. Our university’s library vision and its support help us to have a prospect for future.