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  • Archive of Milliyet

    Archive of Milliyet Newspaper between 3rd of May 1950 and 30th June of 2004. To access the archive you have to register individually.

  • Dart-Europe E-Tez Portalı

    Access to 717,604 open access research theses from 432 Universities in 24 European countries.

  • David Rumsey Map Collection (Open Access)

    David Rumsey with more than 150,000 maps, is one of the largest private map collections in the United States. In 1995, Rumsey began the task of making his collection public by building the online David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Currently the online web site has over 30,000 high resolution images of maps from his collection.

  • DergiPark

    Dergipark, in order to improve the quality of national and international academic journals effect it was established as a magazine and journal hosting service management system electronically; currently it includes 447 journals.

  • Directory of Open Access Books - DOAB

    DOAB covers free 4835 e-books in social science, technology, management etc.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ

    There are 8972 journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals. This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. 6283 journals are searchable at article level. As of October 2200866 articles are included in the D

  • EThOS (British Library Electronic Theses Online Service)

    EThOS covers more than 250.000 theses produced by UK Higher Education institutions. To access the full text theses users have to register individually. After searching the database press "choose pricing and delivery" button then then select the download o

  • EUR-Lex

    EUR-Lex contains all European Union legal acquis, EU treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals and EU official newspapers. EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law.

  • Harvard University Library Islamic Heritage Project (Open Access)

    The IHP collection now includes over 280 manuscripts, selected from Houghton Library and the Harvard Art Museum/Arthur M. Sackler Museum.

  • InTech

    InTech covers free 2333 e-book and 7 e-journals in science, technology and medicine.

  • IRCICA Farabi Digital Library (Open Access)

    IRCICA FARABI The digital library consists of materials such as books, pictures, maps, postcards. The collection consists of around 700 books and around 18,000 other documents.

  • King Saud University Makhtota (Open Access)

    Kral Suud University holds nearly 10,000 volumes of Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, and other manuscripts of the predominantly Islamic World. Access can be provided online at the following link.

  • Manuscript Miniatures (Open Access) is an image collection of miniatures depicting armoured figures from the medieval period. Miniatures are sourced from manuscripts created before 1450 in countries across Europe.

  • McGill University Islamic manuscripts (Open Access)

    The Islamic manuscripts fall into three groups: Arabic, Persian and Turkish. The Arabic manuscripts, some thirty-three codices, are mostly Qurans and tracts on Sufism and Shi’ite sects. In addition, there is a collection of over two hundred pieces of Arab.

  • Old Maps Online (Open Access) indexes over 400.000 maps. This is only thanks to the archives and libraries that were open to the idea and provided their online content.

  • Open Access Publishing in European Networks- OAPEN

    OAPEN covers free e-books in literature and social sciences.

  • Open Humanities Press

    Open Humanities Press covers free e-books, e-journals etc. in human sciences.

  • OpenEdition

    OpenEdition covers free, 912 e-book, 406 e-journal and 23476 events in humanities and social sciences.

  • Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts (Open Access)

    The Manuscripts Division holds nearly 10,000 volumes of Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, and other manuscripts of the predominantly Islamic world, written in Arabic script. Digitized manuscripts are accessible through the Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts.

  • Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg database provides free access to more than 42,000 full-text electronic books.

  • Scholars Portal

    Scholars Portal is the service arm of the Ontario Council of University Libraries.

  • Social Sciences Open Access Repository

    Provides access to 38747 documents.

  • The Electronic Library of Mathematics

    Open access journals, monographs and lecture notes published by European Mathematical Society and Zentralblatt Math.